You have questions. We probably have answers.

If your questions aren't answered here, feel free to get in touch!

I am a millennial who would rather go to the dentist than have a phone call. Do I have to do the discovery call?

Okay, we totally understand. We are also millennials who would rather not talk on the phone (thankyouverymuch). But Katie, the owner + who you'll be chatting with, is probably the least intimidating person of all time.

We've also discovered that a 15-minute call replaced about 4,923 emails, and we're all about that inbox zero!

So short answer long: yes, but it'll be fine. We promise!

So how does a design intensive work?

We'll have a discovery call to see what deliverables you need and make sure that it's a realistic week-long project (like if you need packaging for 30 different sku's, we'll probably need a longer timeline).

Next, we'll send you a proposal and suggested dates for your design intensive week.

Once the proposal is approved, the contract signed, and the downpayment paid, we'll send you over our welcome guide that'll walk you through how to put everything together that we'll need before your design intensive week. Think: things like product info, images, and copy for a Shopify site

When the week is here (yay!), we'll start with a strategy + direction call on Monday morning. We'll use that info to create all of the deliverables that we'll be sending your way on Friday!

My budget is lower than the average project cost listed on your website. Can I still work with you?

We suggest still getting in touch! We can go over what deliverables you need right now and which ones can maybe wait until a little further down the line. With fewer deliverables, there's less time involved, and the cost of the project does go down.