Brand Identities for Product-Based Brands

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How it starts

Every branding project starts with a strategy meeting that takes a deep dive into your business, your customers, and what makes your products special. We collect everything we talk about into a concise strategy document and use that to craft a brand identity that highlights those differentiating features in order to attract your ideal customers. Once we have the overarching branding created, we're able to brand out every piece of your business that your customers come into contact with.

Branding at Letterlab

We switched to the one-concept method because we realized that it was hard for our clients to pick a single option (and honestly, who can blame them?!). As brand designers, it’s our job to do the hard work of putting together all of the information and research that we gathered during the strategy phase of the project to create a branding identity that your ideal customer will be obsessed with.

Does this mean that we’ll only create one logo? Definitely not! Our sketchbooks are filled with options that we brainstormed and then sidelined for one reason or another. We take all of those ideas and compare them against the strategy that we developed (and you approved!) to see which will speak to your ideal customer the most. And then here comes the one-concept magic.

Because we’re then developing an identity around a single concept (as opposed to the usual two or three), we can go *so much* more in depth with that concept. We’re also able to give you a brand identity document that will really help you see what your new branding will look and feel like, once it’s come to life.

  • Primary Logo

  • Secondary Logo + Marks

  • Color Palette

  • Type Palette

  • Icons

  • Patterns

  • Custom Illustrations

  • Product Packaging

  • Shipping Packaging

  • Printed Materials

  • Klaviyo Flows + Templates

  • Social Media Templates

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  • 1. Book a call

    Yay! We’re so excited that you’d like to work together! Schedule an appointment and fill out the pre-meeting form. We'll go over the questionnaire to make sure that we're the perfect fit for what you're looking for!

  • 2. Discovery call

    Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), and we'll get to know each other! We'll go over your company's history, your project goals, what deliverables you’d like, your preferred timeline, and any other questions you have!

  • 3. Proposal

    Within 24 hours, we'll send you over a quote for your project, a creative brief that goes over your project objectives and deliverables, a contract, and an invoice for a 35% downpayment.

  • 4. Project prep

    Once everything is signed and good to go, we’ll put you on our production schedule and send you over a project timeline! We’ll send you over your project homework to do between now and when your project starts!

  • 5. Brand strategy

    We'll chat over video for for about two hours to go over your prep work and take a deep dive into your business, customers, and products. 4 days later, we'll deliver you a 30 page document that'll inform everything we do for your brand moving forward.

  • 6. Brand design time!

    We'll take everything we've talked about during our strategy meeting & your prep work and distill that into a single brand identity that your ideal customers will love!

  • 7. Feedback + refinements

    When we're finished designing, we'll send over a video presentation going over your brand and the thought process behind it. We'll also send along a feedback form so we can hear what you think about your new brand!

  • 8. Refinements

    If you see something your ideal customer wouldn't love, no worries! We'll take your feedback and make refinements on the brand identity to create something they'll love!

  • 9. Branded pieces

    This is the point in our process where we'll create any of your additional branded deliverables (like product or shipping packaging, Klaviyo flows + templates, icons, etc.)

  • 10. Launch time!

    Ahh! This is when you get to introduce your new brand identity and website to your audience! What's more fun than customer love and heart eye emojis?!

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